Friday, October 29, 2010

When Will I Learn?

If you know me very well, you know that I'm not a very good story teller.  Its just a fact of my life.  David will concur.  Honestly, I give too many details and then I always forget the punch line.  So don't say I didn't warn you.

To put this all in perspective, I have to tell you that we're studying 1 Corinthians right now.  The last couple sessions have been mostly about serving God through serving others, etc.  You know the drill.  I've also been reading through the gospels and am struck again by Christ's ministry to the poor, sick, unlucky and generally forgotten people of society.  And I've been battling feelings of guilt and asking myself what I'm really doing to minister Christ to the people around me.  The list is pathetically short.  So I've been actively praying that God would show me how and where I can be more of service to Him.

This morning I was driving happily to work on 220 and noticed a girl walking alongside the road.  I thought how chilly she must be and noticed she was carrying a couple bags.  My next thought was that I should pull off and give her a ride.  But then I had to get over to pass a vehicle.  Then I crossed a bridge.  By this time I was thinking where I should turn around and knew I'd have to go to the next exit.  As I neared the exit I tried convincing myself that she'd surely be alright without my help.  But it just wasn't happening- I knew from past experiences that I'd feel guilty.  To me, that guilt is a sure indication of a sin. 

So I pulled off, turned around and got back on, keeping my eyes pealed for her and a good place to pull off.  Just as I crossed the bridge, I saw a Jeep on the side of the road and the girl getting in the passenger side.  My eyes filled with tears.  I'd missed out.  I had heard the Holy Spirit telling me to stop.  I had seen God's answer to my prayer but drove right on by.  I had missed an opportunity to serve. 

In the last week, I've given a lot of thought to those who Christ served and who might be the modern day equivalent.  The forgotten.  The ignored.  The least of all.  I don't know who she was or where she was going, but I know that plenty of cars passed her as she was walking.  She was ignored.  And if by chance she was noticed, she was just as quickly forgotten.

I passed her too.  I drove right on by.  But even through my guilt and shame, I see the Holy Spirit at work in my life.  It was God who put me on 220 at just the right time and it was Him who gave me the eyes to notice her.  So I pray that this incident is simply a stepping stone to walking impulsively in the Spirit.

How has God used you to minister and serve the overlooked in your community?  Have you acted impulsively from the leading of the Spirit?  What happened?  Share your story.  I need your encouragement today.  And I promise we won't accuse you of beating your own drum.  We know that we can do nothing good of our own strength.  Tell your story to the glory of God!


  1. Let GOD lead and pick them up often dear heart. I know my 'pick ups' by name now and they've come to trust Daniel too when he drives my car!!

    I've never been hurt, for I feel GOD is my co pilot and gives me the wisdom to know who and when to pick up.

    Don't ever life get so busy that you don't have 'time' to serve.

    One of my best 'rides' occured in an elevator in SFO! We drove together all the way to Oakdale, 2.5 hrs. or the opportunites that GOD gave me!! :D

    Keep driving with eyes for JESUS dear Samaratian!

  2. oh bless you dear katie for your efforts!

    I love that you posted this because in the the last 2 months God has been speaking to me regarding this very same issue. All my money is HIS already so why not give it to the poor? He is the one who gave me "time"/my life so why not use it to His glory? Yes, I like to serve at the Rescue Mission and Yes I like to do the Operation Christmas Child, but those are "comfortable" you know? Well God has been opening doors for me!! 1st-I met this man at the Minute Market (dressed nice, but stared) Since Im a GB he asked why I was dressed, what church I went to, ect....for the 1st time EVER I was able to OPEN UP and talk freely to a stranger about my beliefs and ask him questions! It was awesome!! (*This may seem small to you, but a big step for me) THEN a couple weeks later, Calv and I got home from Rehersal for a wedding and it's 9:00...We hear a knock on the front door--WHO IN THE WORLD? We like never get knocks on our door. Here was a man and woman standing at the door. "Our car broke down and we walked down the road and we arent from around here-can you please take us up to the Minute Market?" I was already in my pjs, but didn't want Calv going by himself so we jumped in the car to run them 1 mile up the road. ON they way---the truth comes out "Actually the truth is my sister kicked us out of the house. We originally are from OH but moved down here to help her out and she has problems and now she kicked us out and is threatening to call Social Services on my 2 kids that are still at her house. We have NO where to go. She's called the cops before... I don't have any money. We will just sleep outside...we do have a lighter and we can make a fire. Your house looked welcoming so that's why we stopped there..." and ON AND ON AND struggle after another. They used Calvs phone to call a brother and a mother in OH but no one could help them. He starts cussing on the phone. The woman sees my "God answers prayer" sign hanging from my rearview mirror and says "Buster, don't cuss...these people are Christians." I was so thankful I had that sign :) They ran into the store to get some food with the womans food stamps. (the man didnt have his wallet or anything--had left it all at the house) Calv and I decided we were NOT going to let them sleep outside so we told them we'd take them into town and get them a hotel. They didn't think that was necessary and they WOULD repay us...we said you dont have to worry about that, God has blessed us and we can help you! So we get to HOTEL #1--BOOKED!! go to HOTEL #2--BOOKED. ok, so you guys from Rocky Mount know there is only 2 nice hotels. so we go out to 220 and scan out HOTEL #3 (the one beside the car dealership and kinda across from Fishermans Galley) and PRAISE GOD--an opening for $50!! We booked it and they gave us hugs with lots of gratitude. It really made me feel good to have helped someone like that for the 1st time...and boy oh boy did I pray for them! I thought--Hey, maybe they were angels and God was testing us to see how we would react?!? Well then last week...they were at our doorstep again, but this time they were taking a walk with the 2 kids and our dog was following them :)
    Im with Arlene---we just have to LOOK for opportunities and God will show them to us!

  3. We've all had those times. I will never forget the time that a man followed me around WalMart for a while and then finally came up to me and said "How and why are you so happy? You look so happy!" I stammered around (because I had thought he was a creeper). And then I answered, "I am happy. But I don't know why!" I still cringe when I think about how I answered because I DO know why and I feel like he was earnestly asking me. I think that God uses these moments and prepares us for the next time. Christ used Simon Peter's failures to refine his faith and then further His gospel. Praying for both of us... I got tears when you said you got tears. I feel your pain! :)

    He saith unto him the THIRD time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep. John 21:17

    This passage doesn't say "Jesus grieved because Simon Peter denied Him." Jesus allowed Peter to repent three times, He knew that Peter loved Him.

    Katie, Ashley, Arlene, and Joni... Do we love Jesus? He knows we do... let's feed His sheep! No matter how many tries it takes.

  4. Thank you everyone for sharing! This has been such an encouragement.

    Love you all!


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