Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lining Bamboo Shades

Shades (here's what I used- $15 per shade)
Lining (here's what I used- $6 total per shade/ 40% off two yards)
Tape Measure or Yard Stick
Pen or Pencil
Glue Gun

1.  Measure the width and length of your shade.  Subtract 1/2" from the width.
2.  Lay out your lining on a large flat surface (table or floor).  Use a tape measure or yard stick and pen to measure, mark and cut the proper size.  Cut on the inside of your pen or pencil line.
3.  Repeat for each shade you wish to line.
4.  Extend your shade completely and lay face down on the large surface.  If you're using a table make sure your surface is as long or longer than your shade.
5.  Plug in your glue gun.  You'll probably want to use an extension cord.
6.  Unthread the two long cords from the rings.  Pull them out of the metal grommet and hang them over the top of the shade to get them out of the way.  Do the same thing with the cords that adjust the length of the shade.  This will probably require removing the pulls from the ends. See pictures on step #13.
7.  Square up the shade.  Make sure it is laying perfectly straight. I used a cutting mat on top of my table so squaring everything up was very easy.
8.  See the rings from which you removed the cords?  See where they are attached to the shade?  Make sure the rings are all pointing down and laying down flat against the shade.
9.  With the plastic-y side of the liner down lay it overtop the shade, taking care not to slide the shade, which would put it out of square.
10.  Line the top of the liner up with the top of the shade, then adjust from side to side until it's evenly placed on the shade.  Your liner should be slightly smaller than your shade (approx 1/4" on each side) so that it doesn't show from the front.  Trim if necessary.  See pictures on step #13.
11.  Carefully feel with your finger to find the metal grommet at the top of the shade.  Trace with a pen or pencil.
12.  Do the same thing with all the rings.  Feel with your finger and mark each ring with a small line at the top of the ring.  It's important that you make your mark exactly where the ring is sewn onto the shade.  This is where you reap the benefit of making sure all your rings are pointing down and laying flat against the shade.
13.  Use scissors to cut out your tracing around the grommet and make a small slit (1/2" - 3/4") at each ring mark.  Thread the rings through the slits.

14. Square up your shade and liner again and adjust around the metal grommet if needed.
15.  Secure the top edge of the liner to the top of the shade with your glue gun.
16.  Lift up the liner just enough so that you can run a bead of glue directly on the shade around the metal grommet.  As you lay the liner back down to secure, just make sure it's laying nice and flat.

17.  Do the same thing next to each ring.  Run a bead of glue directly on one of the wider pieces of bamboo between the ring and the edge of the shade.  It's very important to remember to straighten the liner after each glue.
18.  Once you've glued next to each ring, go back and do the same thing halfway between each ring.  This will help the liner to fold up with the shade properly when raised.
19.  Lastly, glue the bottom edge of the liner to the bottom of the shade.  Trim prior to gluing if needed.

20.  Rethread all the cording and hang!  Once your shade is mounted and in use, you may see another spot that needs a bit of glue.


Congratulations- you've reached the end!  Did you think it would ever end?  It does take a bit of time, but it's so worth it.  If you've lined bamboo shades or plan to use this tutorial to do so, let me know!  I'd love to share pictures of your project! 

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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  1. perfect! this is exactly what i'm thinking. your kmart shades are great. the only ones that i could find that were on the "cheaper" side, didn't hang like roman shades, but rolled up instead. you'rs are much nicer! i'll have to check out kmart.


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