Friday, January 21, 2011

Loving Southern Living!

Ever since Lindsay Bierman entered the scene as Editor In Chief last August, I have come to love all of Southern Living but especially the home features.  The February edition arrived yesterday and did not disappoint.

As I continue to read and learn more about design and decorating, I'm realizing that the homes and rooms that stand out to me are changing.  Rarely are they full of furniture and colors and even design taste that I would choose for my own home.  More often it's the contrast of colors or the combination of furniture styles that attract.  The layout of the room, the balance of traditional and contemporary and the mix of textures catch my attention rather than the thought... "I could never live with a vintage deer mount on my wall..." and quickly turning the page.  Which is exactly what I used to do.  So if interior design interests you at all, I encourage you to keep learning and most importantly... read the articles!  Don't just look at the pictures (again, like I used to).  In professional decor there always seems to be a reason for the placement of a chair or a piece of art or the color of the hallway.  Do you read House Beautiful?  Then you know exactly what I mean.  It's actually kind of funny sometimes.

Anyway... I can't quit thinking about this home.  Not because I'm attracted to the chandelier or mirrored sconces in her living room (frankly I'm not), but because I love the overall idea, the symmetry, the layout and the classy, fun vibe.

Love: the horseshoe over the door, the prints over the french doors, the way she created an entryway with a smart furniture layout, and the mix of textures (velvet, linen, jute, the cable knitted throw, glass, iron, wood).

Love:  the furniture layout, the symmetry (armchairs, sconces, bookcases, green glass jugs).

 Love:  the mix of modern and traditional (Lucite stool/ antique secretary) and the dark wood floors.

Love: the huge outdoor lantern, again the symmetry (lamps, side tables, pillows and I wouldn't be surprised if there was another white armchair across from the one you see).

 Love:  the large pendent light, wide roman shade, open shelving, painted cabinets... seriously now, that's a recipe for an awesome kitchen (just add a stainless range hood and some great back splash tile:).

Now I'm brainstorming ideas to bring more symmetry into our house.  There's just something comfortable about symmetry, I think.

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