Friday, January 07, 2011

My Marble Lamps

I found them at McMaster and Storm's brick and morter store closing sale a few years ago for $10. After proudly showing them to David and being informed that they were not to be used in their current condition(because of the old wiring), they were relegated to the closet.  I recently got my act together...


And there's nothing like a little hot glue to fix a wobbly lampshade.

It was very easy to swap out the cords.  See the part that covers the little black switch on the lamp in the picture above?  It slides out of the round part below and then you simply use a screwdriver to loosen the wires.  You can then pull the old cord out from the bottom.  Thread the new one up through the lamp base leaving the desired length of cord and trim any extra at the top before rewiring.  If possible, trick your man into doing the last bit.  It's always nice to remind them that they are needed.  :)


  1. K, now show us where you put them in your home sweet home !! next post, maybe?

  2. :) Maybe... neither of them have the home they deserve though. One is sitting on our bedroom dresser and the other is on the dresser in the guest room.


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