Friday, February 25, 2011

Around the House

In an attempt to keep things real... here's how things are looking around here today.  I spy a billion projects to do and tomorow's Saturday.  Fun, fun!

slipcover waiting to be cut out, dishes in the sink (clean!:)

who makes the bed every morning?  not me.

getting measured for a slipcover.

curtains to be surged and hemmed, pictures to be... hung? stored? reframed?, exercises to do (done!:)

new calendar!  no, it's not march here, the feb print was surprisingly hideous.

have you seen my sewing closet?  yeah...I know, but it's a start.

slipcover purchased for this beauty, just needs to be altered... procrastinating.

here's a little shout out to Bowman Woodworking- we love our desk!  on another note, wow.  those walls read way bright.  guess I need to work on my picture taking skills next.

basement progress!  kudos to David.

loving a clean porch! scrubbed and hosed last sat.

So I love looking at pretty pictures as much as the next girl, but it's nice to be reminded that we live in the real world of clutter, messes and unfinished projects.  Picture perfect is great, but real life is better.  I think there's something to be admired in every home regardless of whether the decor fits my taste.  Call me snoopy, but I'd love to see your home on a regular day. 

Anyone interested in a blog link up of keeping-it-real home tours? 


  1. love that front door! :) great idea for a blog link up, i would benefit from the inspiration of "real-life" homes, instead of magazine covers! p.s...our house is in shambles right now, due to renovations, so i'd have much to contribute! lol!

  2. ok, so you should email me... :)

  3. Oh my goodness....that is a cluttered house? :) I'm too embarrassed now to take pictures of our mess. ;)

  4. You don't know how nice it is to hear that I'm not the only one with a houseful of half-done or not even begun projects. My house is always clean and organized, but right now there's barely anything on the walls.


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