Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shop Landsend & Modesty Matters

So I know Landsend is mostly associated with canvas bags, raincoats and elastic waist knit pants, but if you can look beyond all that, you'll find some really cute clothes.  Obviously they stay within the realm of traditional and classic, but fresh colors and updated styles give a more modern look. 

I'm sure some of the pieces below look boring to some of y'all.  I must definitely be traditional when it comes to clothing because I think I'd be happy if my closet held only these items... and a string of pearls.  But if you're more eclectic and artsy, I think Landsend is still a great resource for your basic pieces.  Just spice 'em up with accessories, shoes or a trendy top.

Landsend Wishlist

Landsend Wishlist by krpeters featuring knit tees

Landsend Canvas is also a great (probably better) place to find updated traditional. It's definitely got a younger feel... you'll see that instantly from the website. But items are also a little more expensive and the cute dresses and skirts expose a bit more (thunder) thigh than this girl feels comfortable showing.

And because it's always a consideration, I can't leave without saying that I think Landsend is an good resource for those to whom modesty matters.  I know we don't all define modesty in the same way.  Personally, I view it as quiet (inner) beauty and tasteful, complimentary clothing.  But there are some overarching themes that define modesty in any setting and they include moderation, reservation and limitation of some kind.  Never are we called to look dowdy or embarrasing, but to be the best we can be in a way that doesn't draw excessive attention... because we all know that feigned modesty cannot hide an arrogant, showy attitude and true modesty is simply undeniable.

What are your thoughts on modesty?  Where do you have luck finding clothes that fit your standards?


  1. I love lands-end! I agree with you on classic then spice it up other things.
    Also, i agree with you on modesty being inner beauty, tasteful and ladylike.
    Because of price/fun I get most of my wardrobe at thrift shops. (one of my favorite sweaters is from lands-end & thrifted) :)

  2. I personally think modesty is so important, and just wrote about it in our church newsletter where I serve. I think it is so possible to be trendy and updated while covering things others don't need to see. I wish more women would think about what they present, but we are so bombarded by negative images and stereotypes in the media, that I don't see things getting better. Thanks so much for stopping by my home tour!!!

  3. I agree with you on modesty, and am saddened to see that so much of society has done away with it. I'm on the short side (4'11") so finding clothes to fit has been a challenge. Ann Taylor Loft seems to fit the best and because they're career oriented, they work for my style. I just wait for sales and buy things on clearance there!


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