Friday, May 27, 2011

One Dress, Three Ways

So I got the crazy idea to make a pattern from a dress I got a Target several years ago and sew a new dress for this summer.  No matter how good of an idea it seemed to be, I won't ever try it again. The end result is better than expected, but the armholes are much too big, the waist is too low, and the shape of the skirt is way off.  It's comfortable though and with a sweater or jacket and a belt, who has to know?!
Fabric- Blue and White Stripe Cotton Shirting from Joannes

gaping armholes...

Sweater- Talbots
Belt- Landsend
Shoes- Macys

Denim Jacket- Kmart
Belt- Landsend
Loafers- Landsend

Jacket- Kmart
Belt- JCrew
Sandals- Born Outlet

We're heading to Ohio to see some family over the weekend!  Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday!  Find some time to relax!


  1. I'm eyeing the green quilt in the background...where's that from! ;)

  2. I love all the jacket/dress/belt combos!

  3. Melissa the quilt is from West Elm. I got it in January on sale!

  4. I don't care what you say about that dress, I am freakin' impressed that you made that! And all the outfits are adorable...oh that I were talented in the sewing department! (c:

  5. I love it with the red sweater, very J Crew. Have a great weekend-I'm an Ohio girl myself.


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