Thursday, June 09, 2011

From the Favorites File

Todd Romano
Apartment for Robert Burke

This room has all the elements of good design (not that can say that with any professional authority)- symmetry, contrasting colors, mix of skirted and leggy furniture, mixed finishes, smart layout...

Same room from another angle.  Notice the painted ceiling.

The console seems to be the one distinct feminine piece.  I think it provides an interesting contrast to the masculinity.

Same room from another angle.  I think I see a border on the skirted library table.

Interesting that this room has generally the same color scheme as the living room- orange and grey.  I like that the side tables and art on each side of the bed are not exactly the same.  Proof that similar shape items can give the illusion of symmetry just as well as identical items.

A little wild for my taste, but fun nonetheless.  I like the window seat area with the built in shelving and sconces.  Could definitely inspire a DIY project.  We have the perfect spot to copy the idea, but I probably should NOT use this photo as an example to show David.  He'd flip.  Both antlers and purple in one week?  Not a good idea.

Speaking of antlers, I was flipping through the June HB today and guess what I spotted?  Branchlers! LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend!

(added later:  Ha!  I thought it was Friday.  Well, it is summertime, so Friday is kinda like the weekend.  Have a good one anyway!)


  1. You pointed out a lot of things I would have missed about these rooms. Love the overall eclectic feel of them the inclusion of lots of black and white!


  2. Great post! I also love a mix of masculine and feminine in a room. And the branchlers are too funny! They're great!! :) I love the name they give to them. Happy to find your blog.

  3. Branchlers...that is a funny word...I think I absolutely am in *love* with it! Just plain cute. And I love this post...I'm not so good with the masculine (my poor hubby), so it's always good to get inspiration!

    P.S. I saw your bedroom on Emily A. Clark today! How awesome it that??? You probably already knew that, but I just thought that was way cool (c: Good start to an early weekend, right? (c:

  4. Found your cute blog via sweet and talented Emily Clark. Love your etsy shop and the name of your blog. My blog is DESIGNING FOR THE SOUL....I am a licensed artist and I too try to blog about my faith, family and my design work. So nice to see you are doing the same!
    Blessings your way,
    Caroline Simas


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