Monday, September 19, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

New for the fall season at Radiance From Ruins...

As always, there is very limited yardage for special orders.  I snatched up all of the purple quatrefoil that was available and after cutting out two 20" covers, there is enough for a couple more sets of 18", 20" or 22".  Two 22" covers of the Timeless Tan Print pretty much used up all that was available.  A quick glance at the remainder shows enough for a lumbar or one 18" or 20" cover.  Only one (or two) lucky people will get the lovely Folksy Floral pillow covers.  Unfortunately there are no remnants.  Lastly, the two traditional print lumbar covers are also one of a kind.  If you see one you like, don't dilly dally!

Also remember that any of these covers can be altered (to a smaller size, of course) for no additional charge though the policies for custom items would apply.  View store policies for details.

I hope to have new winter items up in a month or so!  Right now our guest room is a mess... literally you can't see the floor or the bed for all the fabric covering it.  I have solid color velvet (blue, green, black, pink), solid chenille (grey, tan), velvet damask print (purple, red), multi color plaids, solid linen (purple, black, blue), and numerous other woven multi color prints, one of which is a multicolor flamestitch.

One last shot... my favorite of the bunch... looks great with my new navy curtains (for which I have yet to purchase rods)... patience, patience, patience.


  1. Loving the purple quatrefoil one. You are so talented.

  2. Aren't these gorgeous!! I so want to switch a few pillows out to velvet once it gets cooler around here. I'd love to buy them from you!

    P.S. LOVE your navy curtains. You go!

  3. I have already been checking these new additions out. Love them all and am very tempted.

  4. Gorgeous! I love them all, but the simplicity of timeless tan is my favorite.


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