Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday 2011- DIY Sweater Stockings

Inspired first by-

and after some searching-

My versions-
The grey one is my favorite, can you tell?

Stocking Pattern
Sewing Machine

I followed Martha's instructions to the letter, but will do a few things differently next time.  Most importantly the stockings are too small (says David).  So rather than mess with Martha's stocking template, I'll just trace a pattern from some old PB stockings.  Secondly, I probably won't make any more with collars.  The top gapes open and it doesn't hang nice like the others.  Lastly, I suggest making them from the heaviest, tightly woven sweaters you can find.  The thinner the fabric or looser the weave, the more they will stretch and possibly tear.  Obviously, this isn't an issue if your stocking stuffers are lightweight.

Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I see a million holiday crafts that I want to try.  Of course they never get done because more important priorities win out (family, fun, sanity, etc).  This year I think it would be fun to do one Christmas craft every month.  Then when the holidays roll around again, I'll have some new decor waiting patiently to be used.  This sweater stocking craft may be the first one up!


  1. great idea on one craft a month! :)

  2. How cute! I like yours even better! The big buttons are a nice touch. One project a month sounds very do-able and smart. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!


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