Monday, February 27, 2012

Men are from ________

I eagerly pulled this image up on my laptop the other afternoon.  When David got home from work, I had it ready and waiting for the perfect moment when I could nonchalantly ask him look at it.

Somewhere between the summarizing his day and parking his rear on the couch, the moment arrived.  I snatched it up like a wife seasoned in the art of husband-trickery.

K: Hey, hon look at this picture right here and tell me what you notice.
D: Ummm... they didn't have enough money to finish installing wall cabinets?
Ve-ry fu-nny.
What did you think I would notice?
Ummm... the cabinets in two different finishes.
Ummm... backsplash tile to the ceiling.
Ok then, the lack of color.
Hahaha, no. Really, why are you asking?
Because there's a theory that both of us hold and this picture seems to disprove it.
Why don't you just tell me?
Ok, the three different hardware finishes!  Did you not notice? The pendant lights, the faucet and the cabinet pulls are all different finishes.
Hahaha, are you serious?  Those are the smallest objects in the picture! You thought I would notice that? Hahahahah!
Ahem, a better response would be "Oh!  Wow!  That's a great observation!  What a keen eye for detail, you have, honey!"
Hahahahahah!  Wanna guess the first thing that I noticed?
No, tell me.
The built-in speaker.
What?  There's a speaker? Where?

Men- they've gotta be from a different planet.


  1. HA! This is hilarious (and not unlike some conversations that go down in my house).

  2. Is there seriously a speaker in that picture???

  3. HAHA! The first thing that I noticed are those awesome floors! Its funny how people notice different things. My mom could have put in a new flower bed or bought some new funiture (something very obvious) & I will miss it every time.

  4. Sounds just like us! :D Loved it

  5. Awesome. I've got the biggest smile on my face!

  6. This is too funny! When I show my husband pictures he always points out what he thinks he could fix! Guys are too funny.

  7. Amen to this! :) This is a great photo by the way...and I love it because it only affirms my choice of all the different hardware finishes in my house! :)


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