Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Throw Pillow Look Alike

Look closely at the pillows with orange trim...

Do they remind you of anything?  These perhaps?

If you have purple going on at your house, maybe you need some pillows to make it pop! ;)

By the way, isn't that room gorgeous?  The greyish tan looks great with orange, I think.  And the light fixture?  Too cool.  But I just have to say one thing... my leg has a bruise just looking at that coffee table.  Call me clumsy, but I wouldn't last a day without injuring myself if that were my living room. lol.

ps.  I had a much more meaningful post planned for today, but sadly this mindless stuff is easier.  Perhaps I can get over my fear of not doing justice to the post written in my head in time to share it with you yet this week.


  1. ouch. that coffe table makes me wince. no way could i do that either!

  2. Katie, I love those pillows you made. I mean really love them. You are such an amazing seamstress (I clicked over and looked at the hidden zipper behind the piping) and have such good taste to boot! I'm looking to use ticking stripe to make bedskirts for my girls' beds. Know of any good (inexpensive sources?)

    Love that living room too. You know what strikes me most is the huge matching prints which almost resemble a window on either side of the one small window. You hardly notice that there's only one in the room. Agree what you said about the the coffee table too!

  3. I agree with Camille. Love the purple piping. You are very talented my dear. I wish I knew how to use my sewing machine.

  4. Love! I am mentioning your pillows tomorrow in a post. I hope you are well Katie!

  5. OOOOOH! I'm a huge fan of your pillows. Great idea to pair the stripes with the purple trim. love love love.


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