Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Exterior Evolution

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Summer 2009

Last June, we hired Melissa from Fiddlehead Landscape to draw a landscaping plan for our house. Eleven months later, it's {almost} finished!  Things move frustratingly slow around here, but I so appreciate that David likes to do them right.  I don't know if it's the midwestern or the diy in me, but I do have some of my dad's caulk-happy, duct-tape-loving tendencies, so David keeps me in line.

Here are some progress photos.

Plants arrive!

Laying everything out first.

Getting started!

And a few details...

Mulched around the trees.  Looking forward to having a hammock there someday!

Added some trailing annuals above the rocks, white impatiens, and sedum.

Added one more stepping stone beneath the spigot. 


  1. Wow! Lookin' good! After we planted (two) pots of annuals, mowed, swept porch, staked tomatoes, and stood back to admire the look, I turned to Nate and said, "Cute place, I think I could live here." He rolled his eyes, but I thought it was a great moment.

  2. The landscaping takes things up to the next level. Lovely.

  3. Oh I just LOVE it! Your home is so charming!

    We also got a professional landscaping plan. I don't know how people do it without one!

  4. love it.....plants are so fun! I'm currently into ferns--want them growing everywhere so I don't need to mulch!!!
    looks great!

  5. That is beautiful! Way to go! I still have a ton of landscaping I want to do here and it's been almost 15 years!

  6. Looks beautiful! Very fresh. :)

  7. wow! looks great!!! excited to see it in person!! i'd say it looks like it was "worth the wait" :)

  8. What a transformation!! Landscaping is like the icing on the cake! I know about the slow, painstaking took us two years, and we're in the nursery business! :/

  9. Beautiful...your porch is so inviting! I bet it is a great place to lounge and read a magazine.

  10. you are just about the cutest!!! where in VA are you? I'm in No. VA :) So nice to meet you !!!


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