Friday, June 21, 2013

Cilantro Solution + Recipe Review

Don't you hate when cilantro goes bad before you even get a chance to use it?  While googling the best way to store it, I ran across this article on  The author experimented with three different storage methods.  Here's the winner...

Thursday, May 30th
Just  put it down in some water and slip a baggie over it.  I didn't take a picture, last week when I used it up (on the recipe below), it looked and smelled just as fresh as the day I put it in the fridge.  That's two full weeks and it probably would have lasted longer!
Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos
I absolutely loved this recipe!  Instead of cooking chicken breast in the crockpot, I used a couple pint jars of diced chicken that my mom helped me can awhile back.  I simply mixed the ingredients in a dish and nuked it in the microwave until it was hot, adding the cilantro afterwards.  Since we already had some corn tortillas in the fridge, we fried them into semi-hard shells.  I diced up tomatoes, shredded lettuce and topped with sour cream and shredded pepper jack cheese.  Definitely go for the pepper jack; it makes all the difference, I think.  And we love this Mexican rice recipe, so I fixed that as a side.
Have you had any pinterest recipe success lately?

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  1. ok seriously - why didnt i know this! totally trying it now. ps - thanks so much for your encouraging and kind words on my journey. its so nice to have support from everyone :) while it was so hard to post it out there for everyone, you are right - i needed the accountability!


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