Friday, June 28, 2013

Embracing Awkwardness

Ok, so I just went to my first group exercise class ever.  That's right.  Ever.  It was, um, awkward. 
Before going, I decided I wasn't going to have any expectations.   And I prayed my heart out that there would be some other out-of-shape, rhythmically-challenged people to make me feel comfortable and told myself that "ya gotta start somewhere".  So to recap...
I haven't exercised in a group since 8th grade PE.
I haven't exercised regularly for over a year.  Bad, bad.  But you probably haven't either, so...
I don't feel super-comfortable in workout clothes.  Crazy, I know.
I can't find a good sports bra to save my life.  Don't do it, don't suggest Target or TJMaxx.  Don't even think of suggesting Walmart.
I sweat like a hog.  No kidding.
Do you get any of this?
Here's the thing... the ladies went out of their way to help me find a spot, get set up and feel comfortable.  The one thing I actually did expect (everyone in their own little world, minding their own business), proved to be incorrect more times than I can count on one hand.  God showed his grace to me through those ladies this morning.  And I know it's grace, because I certainly didn't deserve it.  Ha. My laziness deserves to be tied to the front bumper of a truck and forced to run down the road. 
I've avoided gyms and group classes for a long time, thinking that they would just make me feel worse about myself.  But here's the thing- on some level, everyone there has the same goal: to feel better about themselves inside and out and be a little healthier.  So who cares if it's totally obvious that I can't do the arm movements while also stepping in time?  And that's completely hypothetical, of course. 
Anyway, it wasn't that bad (says the oblivious chick in the middle with the white shirt).  Seriously though, that girl is my personal exercise hero and I'm not just saying that to be nice.  I want to be so ok with my mushy tush and lack of coordination that I just have a good time and burn a few calories.  A few hundred calories would be nice, but I'm fine with pretty much anything at this point. 
I'm on a journey to embracing imperfection and you're welcome to come along. Meet me on Monday morning at the Y in SML. lol.
Have a good weekend!


  1. You are soooo funny!
    I AM that girl in the middle with the white shirt ... my arms always going to the wrong side and moving to the opposite of the beat. :D I thoroughly enjoyed this post!! Thanks :D xxoo

  2. Okay. TOTALLY can relate! I haven't exercised in quite some time either (other than the occasional exercise DVD that I attempt at home) I've been thinking of a spinning class, but the fear of awkward is holding me back! Thanks for the encouragement of embracing it. Keep on moving girl! (and a mighty "amen" on the mushy tush ;) )

  3. I laughed. You & Jen hatmaker tickle my funny bone. and that's me laughing WITH you 'cause I haven't exercised regularly for... um, a looooong time. if it makes you feel better, if we were in the same class, you & I would be the outta rhythm twins. just sayin.

  4. HA,This made me laugh too! You have great optimism, and i like that! :)
    Don't hate me for suggesting a sports bra...Moving Comfort is a fantastic brand. LOVE them! Also, I find comfort in knowing i'm not the only female that sweats like a hog!


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