Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite of All Favorites

Den contemporary living room

Living Room traditional living room

Dining Area contemporary dining room

Kids Room contemporary kids

Master Bedroom traditional bedroom

Office contemporary home office

all photos from Houzz

Truely, I'm not sure I've ever seen a portfolio so full of rooms that I actually think I could live in! I love how the design is traditional and timeless, yet has just the right amount of fun. Seriously, I'm considering never looking at another magazine or blog again for inspiration or ideas. This is my definition of perfection.


  1. Every room looks very beautiful, inviting and livable. Great find!


  2. this home is absolutely beautiful. so bright and inviting! the kitchen is my favorite room, i wish she could come into my home and redo my place, i would love her forever! meg

  3. Wow! I'm with you - these images are the perfect mix and very livable.

  4. You are so spot on...I love how "liveable" these rooms are...It's so hard to strike that balance when it comes to a home with kiddos in it! She is an evil genius (c:

  5. She has totally nailed contrast in every sense of the word. Thanks for the intro.

  6. Lovely nice to see livable design (instead of some of that crazy stuff, where the kids need to be in bubble wrap so they can't damage anything).

    PS: great blog design (mine is the same style.....from designer blogs..........great minds think alike)

  7. What an honor to be named as one of your "favorites" -- thank you so much!

    A reader gave me the head's up to your blog and I'm adding to my own list of faves.

    Thank you again for featuring my house (and daughter!) -- I can't promise it always looks this tidy.:)

    All the best,
    Kate Jackson


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