Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sew Much To Do!

Even though the shop is in desperate need of more inventory, I am determined to stick to my recent commitment on projects in general, which requires me to finish what I've started before going on to something else. (ha!) Right now that means finish painting the exterior of the house... the most dreadful of all jobs... esp in 100+ heat... with an untrustworthy extension ladder.  But we will sure have something to celebrate when it's done!

In other (sort of outdated) news...
tags from InkedPapers


  1. cute tags! love em! and why does your {new} house need painted already?!

  2. Yeah, I know... that's what I said too. But we never touch up painted and there's a decent amount that needed it so... might as well do the whole thing, huh?! No, I didn't think so either, but obviously I don't call the shots around here. :) It IS going to be nice to have it done though.

  3. Painting the exterior doesn't sound fun at all, but you are right about the celebration to follow. Be careful on that ladder.

    Your labels are perfect and I am so happy to have this source.

  4. Adorable labels! Painting the exterior of the house is not something I would look forward to but I am sure the results is worth all your efforts in the end. Would love to see photos when it's done!

    Happy weekend, Katie!


  5. Your labels turned out so well! Did you do your little happy dance when you saw them?


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