Saturday, May 31, 2014

Non-Baby-ish Boy Nursery

Next best thing to setting up a traditional nursery.... polyvore!

Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery by katiepeters featuring seagrass area rugs

Even before we listed the house, I planned to use and borrow from what we already had as much as possible.  I also knew that I wanted versatile pieces that could grow with the child or be moved to other rooms later on.  Most of the items in this set are simply placeholders.  Feel free to view the sources on polyvore, but don't for a minute think that I spent this kind of $$.

Black Crib- Garage Sale (spray painted)
Wooden Dresser- Craigslist (similar)
Bentwood Rocker- Craigslist
Brass Lamp- Goodwill (similar)
Velvet Drapes- Pottery Barn (purchased long ago)
Jute Rug- RugsUSA (purchased long ago)
Moroccan Rug- RugsUSA (one of the only new, significant purchases for the room)
Acrylic Book Ledges- from here (didn't purchase due to moving)
Dog Art- painted by my grandmother (this is just a placeholder)
Letter B- from here (didn't purchase due to move)
Crib Sheets- TJMaxx (sewn from a full sheet set)
Crib Skirt- Burlap with white border (sewn from fabric on hand)
Blue Bunny Lamp- Wedding Gift
Changing Pad Cover- Black and white houndstooth (sewn from fabric on hand)
Stainless Steel Trashcan- Target (hoping it will hold in the smell)
Books- Target (on the registry)  

Last but not least...

Is this not the cutest mobile you've ever seen?  Made from felt (with lines sewn on to look like notebook paper) and wire.  As much as I would love to plop down $58 and as much as I am sure the craftsmanship justifies it, it is simply not in my budget.  So... I will try my hand at making my own.  Hopefully I will get around to showing you how it turns out.

ps.  Is it bad etiquette to register for baby books?  Have you ever?

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