Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So long! Farewell!

It's looking like we have sold our house!

In March we finally got it posted online and listed in the local newspaper.  After several weeks of no response, we let the newspaper ad expire but continued to bump it to the top of Craigslist.  In late April we finally got a call that someone wanted to come see it and a week later they wanted to come again!  Now we've signed a contract, passed the important inspections, and are getting ready to pack up.

I haven't let myself get very excited about the sale for fear that it would fall through.  And now that it appears to be a go, I'm feeling a little sad about it too.  We love our quiet cul-de-sac and super private back yard.  Also, I think there's a certain amount of disappointment in not getting to see our plans for this house come to life.

There are a few big things we always wanted to do like finishing the basement and making a stone patio outside the basement doors.  But at the moment, my mind seems to be focusing on my plans for the nursery/guest room.  Imagine that.  We didn't have some grand scheme with lots of paint or money, and that was sort of the fun of it for me.... challenging myself to put a room together using mostly what we already have and shopping Craigslist and consignment shops for the rest.

But interestingly enough, I am totally relaxed about this whole moving-right-before-baby-and-not-getting-to- set-up-a-real-nursery thing.  I would follow that with- "knock on wood", but I know the relaxed feeling is not something I have manufactured.  It's not coming from me, it's coming from a deeper place of trust and a clearer view of priorities that I can only attribute to the Father.

I am so thankful for the many family and friends who have offered living quarters, help packing, moving, fixing food for the freezer, hosting a baby shower, etc.  The list goes on and on.  We are incredibly grateful and pray that we will see the opportunity to help and bless others as they are blessing us.

Next up... my "would have been" plans for the nursery!

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  1. Well congrats!! Did I miss something? I wasn't aware you were thinking of moving!
    I had my twins when my husband was doing a year long internship. We rented a furnished house, so we basically just bought a crib and used the twin bed in the room for a changing station. It served us just fine! I felt kind of sad that I never got to decorate a nursery, but there was lots of time after that to decorate a kids room. Which is just as fun I think! :) Congratulations again on the sale of your house!


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