Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas Decor & A Question

So it's time to decorate for the holidays!  I've dug through my favorites file and found these three for you.

The boxwood tree silhouettes on the weathered doors are nice to look at, but don't give me a hey-I-could-do-that moment.

But the ornament wreath does!  I think I may try to find an inexpensive one at Target or Walmart and attach it to an evergreen wreath with some thin wire.  Fun, fun!

Another pretty picture for your viewing pleasure- don't you love that bench against dark siding!

QUESTION:  How do you hang wreaths from your front door? 

I'm not fond of most over-the-door hangers I've seen (they hang a wreath much too high on the door).  I've tried the white Scotch removable hook but it always pops off after a couple weeks.  And if it can't hold a wheat wreath then I'm pretty sure it won't hold an evergreen one.  So what's the answer, girls?

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  1. Katie I am wondering the same thing....how do you hang a wreath?!?!? No one ever uses our front door, so I haven't hung a wreath on it before. I have always done the same thing, I have an old painters ladder that I set out and I put a nail in the side of it and I always hang a wreath from that.....but this year I am wanting to put a wreath on the front door...so if anyone comes to see us.....HINT HINT!....you don't have use the front door, but as you are driving up just look for it :) I am gonna keep checking back to see if anyone has a good way to hang it! Thanks for the blog!


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