Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mud Room: Half Done!

The closet side of the mudroom is finished!

I used masking tape around the top of the baseboard then stuck plastic to the tape.  Although I'd already cut in, I didn't want to have to deal with those annoying little flecs that come from the paint roller.

Finished painting!  I barely found the motivation to move beyond this stage.

I got Stencils 101 Decor by Ed Roth for Christmas!  I love the pictures I've seen of wallpapered closets and thought this would be a good way to get the same look while also practicing my hand at stenciling in a pretty obscure place.  Here's a how-to video from Ed Roth himself.

When I do this again I will use a level, for starters.  David informed me that the pattern is noticebly off.  Oh well.  I'll also use a smaller stenciling brush and real stenciling paint (rather than left over ceiling paint).

All done!  Now for some organization- yay!

Coats on one side only...

with boots and shoes below.  Yes, that's a cardboard box tray.  What can I say?  I'm cheap and it fits perfectly.  What more could I ask for?

A shelf on the other side...

with recycling bins below.  The shelves don't look as good as I'd like them to, but I was trying to get by with not buying bins or least until my next Ikea trip.

I got two 8x10 frames at Michaels (for like $3 a piece) and put cork in one and mirror in the other.  Hung them with those cool little 3M hangers and put felt pads in the bottom corners.

Now David has a place to stick all the little love notes he writes me AND he can check his hair before walking out the door!  What a score!


So quick review...

Before and After

Before and After


  1. woohoo love before and afters! Looks fantastic and you have got some patience girl!

    I want to come back soon & read your last few posts( when babies are sleeping)
    blessings b.

  2. it looks great, katie! i love watching you fix your house up- it's inspiring :) have a great evening.

  3. Oooh! I love that color! And I am still laughing about David checking his hair...

  4. very cute, really like the stenciling. I'm sure David doesn't leave without looking his best. :)

  5. Love the wall, looks fresh and happy! Great job!

  6. I love the walls! What an awesome before and after!!

  7. i love the stencil work!!!! ive got some closets @ my new house too! :)


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