Friday, March 05, 2010

A Typical Evening

David and Katie:

Both considered this “quality time.”
(Photo: Elsa Young; Dwell,May 2008)

A couple more of my favorites:

 Clever use of space, yes, but she still found she could never remember which cabinet contained the refrigerator. 
(Photo: Richard Powers: Dwell, June 2006)

After the nightmare of installing radiant floor heating, he felt intense pressure to remain barefoot at all times. Nevertheless, his feet were freezing.
(Photo: Bryce Duffy; Dwell, June 2006)

 Without a clearly delineated front door, neighbors weren’t sure how to approach the newcomers. No welcome basket for them.
(Photo: Scogin Mayo; Dwell)

And, as always, saving the best for last:

Rosebud’s patience wore thin. Was the door open or closed? She refused to suffer the humiliation of guessing.
(Photo: Jason Schmidt; Dwell, February 2010)

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  1. This was quite amusing! :) {kate}


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