Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dining Room: Half Done!

Walls painted!
Sherwin Williams Lattice

Cafe curtains finished! 

Last summer, I found and fell in love with this fabric from Lewis & Sharon Fabrics.  By the time I was ready to purchase, it had been moved to their archives list with a minimum purchase of 25 yards.  Major bummer.  Then luck came my way and Bryn made a post about her purchases at Home Fabrics.  Lo and behold, there was my fabric!  After submitting a request on Home Fabrics website, a rep was able to hold some yardage for me at one of their locations.  I called and paid and they sent it right to me.  Since then, I've had them check on availablility of other prints.  Their customer service is great!

I cut out all the fabric and lining (basic lining from Joanne's) and copied the assembly from some velvet Pottery Barn drapes.  Since I didn't want any topstiching to show on the front of the curtains, I painstakingly handsewed four of them (after machine hemming the lining).  It was seriously painful and I ended up putting the whole thing aside for a pathetically long time.  Early this year, I ran across Janell's drapery tutorial on Isabella & Max Rooms and several posts on Young House Love.  I was able to finish up the remaining six curtains in just a couple weeks.  And thanks to Stitch Witchery- no more handsewing!

Originally, I tried to use some regular curtain rods to save buying new ones, but they just didn't work.  The finials were too large for cafe curtains and the brackets held the rods too far away from the wall.  I ended up getting three cafe curtain rods from Target and rigging two of them into one long one for the wall with three windows.  Needless to say, they look much better. 

Check out my classy drapery hardware... Maybe someday I'll invest in the real deal.

Ring clips with safty pins! :)

subtle changes, I know.  But, to me, they are significant.


After During

More to come...

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  1. it's looking great kt!! excited to see it when you're totally done! truly has blessed you with some talents that i clearly lack :)


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