Thursday, June 03, 2010

Heading Outside

Our Memorial Day weekend was pretty booked up from the get go, but David worked in the construction of porch steps.  I "helped" him.  Imagine your husband helping you with a sewing project and you'll get a good idea of how much helping was done.

I finally stopped at Fosters Greenhouse for some flowers and some herbs!  And I only paid $7 dollars total, after using a gift certificate.  Do greenhouses overwhelm you like they do me?  I spent what felt like forever in there and changed my mind about 50 times.  It felt good to finally force myself to make a decision using some handy advice I read this spring.

Thriller: the purple plant at the back- one per pot.  I have no idea what this is since there was no tag.
Filler: Diamond Frost- two per pot
Spiller: Sweet Potato Vine- one per pot. Obviously there's no spillage yet.

Basil, Thyme and Rosemary (I think) .... and my new pink kicks!

Another ongoing project is our my garden.  Upon viewing it's current state, you might be tempted think I'm disappointed that it's not finished yet.  (Because seriously, it's June and I haven't planted the first plant!) 

But I'm honestly just thrilled that it's as far along as it is.  David's been so busy already this summer that I felt bad even asking him.  It makes me smile to think how he got it done (without me complaining or nagging), how much work he (and Ryan) put into it and how good it looks!  Especially knowing how much he hates the idea of gardening.  So if it doesn't get finished in time for veggies this year, maybe I'll just make it a flower garden.  At least we'll have a head start on next year!


  1. i LOVE your garden!!! raised beds are so neat:) and exciting news on the front steps!!

  2. its all quite lovely, katie! although the gardener in me must correct you and tell you that its 'diamond frost' euphorbia in your pot as filler and not bridal veil... :D ahhh, don't you just love summer?!

  3. Oops! Thanks! I think I must have been looking at both and got them mixed up. :)

    PS. You need to come see us in real life.


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