Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interior Refresh for the Budget Challenged

Part Two

#3.  Rearrange Living Room-  You should make sure you're not going to damage your floors by pushing and pulling your stuff all over the place.  Make a trip to Lowes and get some felt pads.  And not that I don't love David's help, but I've found that I can impress him by doing the moving myself.  ;)  Have fun trying out any and all layouts.  And please, pretty please, (if possible) consider a layout that doesn't line your walls with furniture. 

#4.  Rearrange your Wall Decor-  My current nemisis.  The crisis that inspired this post (yes, it's a crisis). 

Holiday 2009- Although they don't look it here, they were a little low.

June 2010

Experimenting with a different arrangement.  What do you think?

I absolutely cannot make up my mind and every time I do, I second guess myself in to inaction.  Except for last Saturday when I decided to put a stop to it (the inaction) and had almost everything hung including the earlier referenced mirror.  Don't ask how many of them are certain to come down or be moved though.  I'm trying to justify myself by saying that I'm exploring my decorating taste, I just gotta figure it out.  Also, please don't spill this to my husband.  I'm waiting for just the right moment.

#5.  Swap Lamps from Room to Room- I keep trying to get a lamp on my kitchen counter, but the cord situation struggles.  Any suggestions?

#6.  Swap/ Refresh Lampshades- If you have a true drum shade (same diameter top to bottom), add a solid color grosgrain ribbon at both the top and bottom edges.  I would definitely do this, mine have too much of a taper for it to work right.

I'm getting ready to recover my lampshades with some white linen and intend to figure a way to do it without permanently damaging my current shades.  Again, my indeciciveness is coming out ("What if the recovering looks horrible and I've ruined the only shades I have?").  They came from a random RH Outlet store several years ago and I doubt whether I could find comparible quality and price at Target.

more to come...

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  1. Hi Katie,
    Thank you for the comment on my blog today! I wanted to let you know that the hat I bought at Gap came in two different sizes: S/M and M/L. You just have to check on the tag and it says the size. Hope that help! Love your blog header, by the way ;)


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