Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We have a walkway!

Thanks to David, Ryan and a new friend from Ohio...no more walking through the mud when it rains!  Of course, we might have completely forgotten what rain actually is if it wasn't for the torrents last night.  So thankful for the freshness that rain brings!

The plan is to seed and straw the walkway after a minor fix to the bottom step.  Then I suppose the next steps will be to trim out the porch and stain the floor.

While the boys worked on the walk, I broke a serious sweat in the garden working six 50 lb bags of peat into the fill dirt.  I'm pretty sure I used a shovel more in those two hours than I have my whole life long.  It was very... empowering.  

The local greenhouse had veggie plants on sale so I came away with more than I needed for about $15.  So we have squash, zucchinni and a couple varieties of peppers in the bottom tier, green beans in the middle and cucumbers, more peppers and tomatoes in the top tier.  I also lined the whole thing with chives after some online reading on how to keep deer away.  I won't be surprised if they end up munching everything off, but I secretly pray every morning that it's all still there.  And since the goal is just to have fun, there are no super high expectations to be dashed.

Guess I need to get some mulch, huh?

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  1. The walkway fits the style of your home beautifully! It's nice to have friends who are willing to help with projects, isn't it?

    Your house is located on such a pretty lot. Have fun making the most of it!


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