Friday, August 20, 2010


The Nester is doing a dining chair linky today, so here's my contribution...

Christmas 2009

August 2010

Never mind my sewing stuff.  It's been there for at least a week.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get motivated.

So, with money from helping a friend organize her home office, I was able to purchase new chairs for our dining table!  They're not much to brag about in quality, but they both look and function better than our old ones, which were wooden, cracked and falling apart in every way possible.  We have yet to seat company in them, so I guess I can't post a proper review until then.  Another pro... I'm looking forward to not cringing every time a chair is scooted up to the table.  The new ones have rubber pads.

If, at some point, we have a proper dining room and money for proper dining chairs, they will be convenient for other things (like eating outside...if we ever have a patio... or a patio table:).  And they're stackable for easy storage. 

Also, these chairs are in the basement waiting to be recovered.  I dream of using them in the living room then sliding them over to the dining table for dinner company.... how convenient would that be?!


  1. I love your colors & the chairs are awesome! Come by & link up on Monday at my "Restyle Your World" party.


  2. kate! i LIKE the new chairs. i think i should come be your first company and sit in one and drink coffee and chat with you! :)

  3. Those chairs will be wonderful!

  4. i love the new white chairs!! :)


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