Saturday, August 21, 2010

Master Bedroom Idea Board

When Nicole posted this bedroom set, I knew immediately that something similar would work for our master bedroom.

MiY 4a: Striking Stripes & Polka Dots

So here's my attempt at a realistic version... using several things we already have.

Clockwise starting with...

Starburst Mirror- I'm hoping to find a small, inexpensive one either on Ebay or at the Uttermost Outlet.
Trimmed White Curtains- Ikea curtains purchased last fall + a million yards of black and white Greek Key trim purchased for 50 cents per yard at Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd + old curtain rods
White Mirror- Have it, just need to paint the frame white... or some shade of grey.
Blue Lamp-  This one is majorly overpriced, in my opinion.  Thank goodness for TJMaxx!  And they would actually go on the nightstands, which I didn't include.
Dresser, Bed (and matching nightstands)-  Have in similar color and shape, wedding gift from David's parents.
Grey Rug- Anything light grey will do.  Maybe I can find something at a PB Outlet.
Print-  I absolutely love this.
Blue and Green Ikat-  For a throw pillow on the bed.
Green Quilt (and shams)
Navy Blanket- Have it.  Have I said how much I love TJMaxx yet?
Stripe Sheets-  Love these, but might end up with these instead.  Price matters.
Wall Paint-  Have it.  Sherwin Williams Herbal Wash.  Much greener in person than on the screen.

If I thought the purchase of a chair was even remotely realistic, I would have included this one-

Maybe I'll find the motivation to start on those curtains soon!  Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Oh yes you def should get this last chair! Or at least recreat your own for cheaper! So happy I found your great blog!



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