Friday, December 03, 2010

Another Glider Rocker



As you can see, the "Before" shot is not the actual chair, but the shape and upholstery is similar to what we started with.  You can also see that I am no photographer.  Sorry about the horrible coloring of the after picture.

The wings on this chair didn't extend to the arms so we removed them, filled the holes, and did major surgery on the back seat cushion.  We used a very heavy cream cotton canvas that we preshrunk.  I sewed zippers into both slipcovers for easy removal and washing.  Now we're just waiting for the baby to arrive!  I'm looking forward to being an Aunt again!

The one thing I did struggle with on this project was my staple gun.  You can see that there is fabric and cording stapled to the chair bottom underneath the seat cushion.  Evidently I was using the wrong kind of staples because they just didn't want to go in all the way.... I think something a little thinner would work have worked better.  Have you ever used a staple gun on hard wood?  Do you have any tips?

Here's the other glider I recovered.  Also for a baby room.  Neither are perfect by any means, but practice is the only way to get better!

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