Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recovered Glider

See the cushions on the table?  Take a good look cause this the best "before" shot I have.

Finally finished!

For Kami's glider chair in little Clay's nursery!

They were surprisingly easy to recover.  After procrastinating for two months, it only took a couple days to get them finished.  I removed the old fabric from the square seat cushion, but decided to leave it on the seat back.  You know the chanel stitching on most glider back cushions?  I was pretty sure that thick cushion wasn't going to fit under my sewing machine presser foot, so I sewed up a snug white cover to go under the yellow.  Since it was snug, it pressed the sides together just enough to hide those seams and it also gave me a chance to perfect the shape and size of the pieces before cutting into the yellow polka dot fabric.

Overall it was fairly quick and easy.  A doable project.  I'd definitely suggest it to anyone with an old glider who wants a new look for virtually no cost.

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