Thursday, October 29, 2009

Evolution of a Bookcase

While organizing a bunch of old pictures on my computer the other day, I realized how many versions I have of the bookcases.  Hopefully they have evolved for the better.  You be the judge and let's start at the very beginning...

My house in Kansas- 2006 maybe.  This pic brings back memories, both good and not so good.  Maybe more on that later.  Also- wow, check out how high that mirror is hung.

Right after we got married- late 2007.  Say hello to Lloyd.

Christmas 2007

Spring 2008- the trees on top... they're dead.  But you'd never know it, right?

Summer 2008- yes, one of the palms died.

Christmas 2008- David's stocking didn't go up until Christmas eve.  Some people didn't get enough spankings when they were small for touching their gifts before Christmas.

Our house now.

These are my two favorite shelves.  
All the best books on top and fun colorful old ones below.

Before I last rearranged, our books were organized alphabetically by the authors last name, which to me made the most sense.  But David kept making fun of our Dewey Decimal system and I thought it needed refreshed too so.... after some researching on the internet, they're basically by category and size with a little age and color indexing thrown in.  I definitely think it looks better, but who knows if we'll be able to locate a specific book.  How do you organize your bookshelves?  Or do you organize them?  :) 


  1. this makes me want to go out and buy some bookshelves! i love to read, currently i have my books packed in boxes in the basement. we have two shelves in our bedroom for "my" books. but they are suspiciously piled with books such as thomas and the high bridge. james goes buzz buzz, my first bible stories, the little engine that on and so forth. yours look great! your house looks really cute too

  2. hee hee you don't EVEN want to know about my very disorganized bookshelves (and everything else in my house) love your leather furniture!

  3. The first time I saw your bookshelves I noticed the books covered in white paper and I though Wow. Katie and I have nothing in common. :) I love your bookshelves and I try to keep mine halfway decent. I tend to put religious books together and kids books together and reference books together usually biggest to smallest... but with two boys that dig, they don't stay that way for long. Jodi Picoult books have a shelf of their own also...

  4. Wow it really has evolved! I like it now - it's organized and balanced. I love the colorful old books that are your favorite, too. I also really like how you incorporated those round white bins as well - it balances with all the straight lines everywhere.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'd share how I organize my bookshelves but you already know!

  5. i like your bookcases. mostly i like them a lot better when they lived in kansas with you :) but maybe i need to come see you and your bookcases (and david and lloyd) in virginia again! love your decor style, as always!


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