Monday, January 10, 2011

Risky Business

Are Christians called to be radical?  Are we call to be a little risky, to operate outside our comfort zone?  And by that I mean untying ourselves from the cultural norm... in order to reach people for our Master's kingdom, in order to bring glory to God?  Where is the line between keeping myself from complancency and keeping myself from instability, between being sold out for Jesus and just being stupid?  Does radical Christian living come with a charge of never being satisfied and constantly searching for something more?  And, if so is that necessarily a bad thing?   At what point does radical-ness become a turnoff for nonbelievers?  And is that even a factor to be considered?  In other words, if a person is doing their best to follow the leading of the Lord, does it matter what anyone else thinks? 

It's probably a good idea to answer this question first...

In what areas of my life am I called to be stable, steady and grounded?

Scriptures?  Thoughts?  Answers?  I have some, but I want to hear yours first.

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  1. And this is why I love to have long chats with you...preferably on a couch drinking coffee! :) You have such great discussion ideas. ~
    I've thought too before - where is the line in being too radical? When could we be considered annoying in our witness? I think it sometimes depends how in-depth you get with a non-believer with a bunch of different scriptures, thoughts, etc. Especially when you can see their eyes start glazing over....& they are not interested in continuing the conversation! I think we need to approach everyone we can about Christ, but when they try to brush us off, well, sometimes its best to let it go. Christ can work through all our blunderings if we let Him! :)
    All that I can say, is I don't try enough to approach others about their Savior & Redeemer ~ :}
    Anxious to hear from others! Xxoo


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