Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guest Room Lamp Refresh

Taking my own advice from this post on budget friendly ideas, I changed the trim on the lampshades in the guest room.



The red trim is definitely more photogenic (really? photogenic? whatever), but I like the texture of the jute.  And it makes things a little more neutral so that I'm not stuck trying to incorporate red when I get around to actually doing this room. 

I ordered the trim from MJ Trim after seeing Layla's dining room redo (including chandelier shades) over at The Lettered Cottage.  They have a huge selection and very reasonable prices, especially when you're buying for a project like this.  I used hot glue to attach the new trim, overlapping and then tucking under the end pieces.

Although it's looking much more like a guest room, it's still a mish mash of stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else.  A very soft colored rug, an antique windsor chair that gets moved around more than a red-headed step child and a borrowed dresser, which I have plans to replace... oh, and there are still two walls to paint.  Per Kami's request, here is the location of one of the marble lamps.

What do you do to make a quick, inexpensive change in your home?  And if you're super content and your house is exactly how you want it, well then.... that's great!  But I guess I'm banking on there being a few other cases of decorating ADD out there.  Seriously, let's hear some ideas!


  1. Love the jute! I'm definitely going to try this sometime on some of my shades!

    p.s would be cute on a pillow as trimming too!

  2. Very cute jute! - ha it's even fun to say :) I try to switch things up by seasons here. It's fun to dig stuff out of the cupboard that I forgot about... and the best part is it doesn't cost anything :)

  3. :) LOL. Good one, Kelley! I stash stuff in the cupboard too. Unfortunately I sometimes get the urge to purge and haul off to the Goodwill with stuff I later wish I had.

    Melissa, do you mean sew it into the seam? Like the pillows that PB had awhile back (and maybe still do)?


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