Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Evolution of a Lamp

I seem to be on a roll with lamps...

These came from Target for like $10 a piece.  You know those end cap sales?  Mmmmm.... :)  The shades have been changed (several times), they've been painted and now I'm considering swapping the black cords out for clear since it's so easy to do.


Lampshades from Home Depot, I think.  Probably cost more than they were worth.  Not particularly fond of the shape.  Yes, that's a Pat McManus book in case you were wondering.

Yet a different shade.  I think this one came with our Target floor lamp.  Gotta love free!  Water carafe from Pier 1.  Too bad it broke.

later in 2008
New shades from PB sale online.  Probably not more than $10 per shade.  Cranberry trim.

Same shades... new trim!  Just realized this is the second cockeyed picture in a row.  Oh well.

It's pretty interesting to see how things evolve.  Hopefully they evolve for the better.  Now I'm wondering if evolve always denotes a positive change.  If so, can something devolve? :)

See the evolution of our bookcase.


  1. You mentioned that it's easy to switch out the cords on lamps, I'd L-O-V-E it if you'd do a post about that. It's something I've wanted to learn to do for a while.

    BTW, the updated lamp is really pretty and beachy looking.

  2. What a pretty lamp - fresh and bright. I have a lamp revamping problem myself, but how can a girl resist, right? Thanks for linking up to my first Room Evolution party!


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