Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Speaking of...

Haskell Harris.  Evidently she was out in western Kansas in early 2008 looking for cottages to feature in Cottage Living when she got caught in a snow storm.  Later that year, she published an article on the revitalization of downtown Hays.  A story of radiance from ruins, people!

Click on the pages to view larger.  Enjoy!

Gella's Diner... mmm, good!  David and I had a date there once.

C.S. Post... love.  It was one of the first stores of its kind in downtown Hays.

In case you are wondering, I hail from a tiny town about 50 miles from Hays... hence, the pride of place. Hays was and still is the closest city of any size to my hometown. When I was growing up, a trip to there was the highlight of the week or of the month in some cases... Walmart, Alco (anyone remember Alco?:) and if we were lucky, The Mall. Seriously, that's the name- The Mall. Once we got into Jr High and were able to drive (no kidding), we would cruise those 50 miles just to eat out (again, no kidding- 50 miles for Applebees). But even though I joke and make fun, I really do love the place. To see the sky meet the prarie at the horizon 360 degrees all around you and feel the ever-present wind in your face is like a freedom and freshness you've never known.

What memories of your hometown warm your heart?  What makes you proud to be where you're from?

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  1. awwww, love love this post! ESPECIALLY the third from last sentence, mmmmm. Kansas is a wonderful place to grow up!

    My classic hometown memory is riding to the top of Sawyer elevator, getting to most amazing view ever and a thrill of being 300 ft in the air, with nothing to prevent you from falling! THATS the feeling of freedom!


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