Tuesday, April 05, 2011

From the Favorites File

I don't know how to pick out my favorite part of this entryway... it's perfection.

Library in the dining room?  Mmmm...

Again... perfection.  Except I can't figure the practical function of that door.

Who needs a dining room indoors? (assuming you're in S CA or FL)

This picture gets better the longer I look at it.  Linen, stone, wicker...

Abundant texture makes up for the minimal color.

You know they talk about an item "making the room"?  I think those pillows on the bed are a good example.

Ahh... symmetry :)

I wonder how long it took the lowly assistants to stack that pile of wood.  It's genius though, isn't it?  And are those dark purple pillows velvet?  If so, that's genius too... velvet in a room full of rough hewn wood.

love it all... esp the lights.

Again, love the light.  And the paneling.  The ship?  Not so much.  But it's probably a model of the owners real life ship or something.  So to follow suit, we should have a go-cart model in our family room.

I think it would be a brave task to stain wall paneling so dark.  But I like it.  And I see they offset it with very light flooring and upholstery.  In my sarcasm, I can't help but mention that the Hermes throw blanket is probably worth more than all the furniture in our house combined. :)

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  1. Noticing the theme of exposed wood beams in these photos...
    love that entry way!

  2. Love! Love! Love! I'm with you on the hand hewn beams & velvet combo!!

  3. I could move in and not change a thing. Just bring my toothbrush :)

  4. If you ever want some nice hand hewn beams or antique hard wood floor or paneling I know a place you can get some! ;)


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