Saturday, April 09, 2011

Come In!

I've been touring homes at Poppies at Play this week and thought it'd be fun to participate in the home tour linky today.  It's so much fun to peek inside homes... of many different styles of decorating... all around the country.  So I guess I'm participating because I have so much fun viewing.  Shucks, someone's got to contribute!  For those of you who we've had the pleasure of having over, you won't be seeing anything new this time around...unfortunately.  Other than the overall level of cleanliness...which is abnormally high right now.

Few quick facts... our home was built two years ago... a custom modular by Southern Heritage Homes of SW Virginia.  We have fun working on the house and have a huge list of things we want to do but as you can see (by the glaring lack of landscaping:), we don't let it consume us.  Some months we are motivated, others we are not.  We live life and we I try not to think too much about the undone.  Note to self:  life is more than striving to attain perfection.  As the Nester says... IDHTBPTBB (it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful).

We still need to finish the porch... and landscape, of course.
See progress here and here.

The view to the left when you walk in the front door.  I love books.
The paintings are from my grandmother.
I slipcovered the little stool several years ago.

Abe Lincoln bookends from a flea market... sprayed glossy red.

The view to the right.  Not so great of a shot, but...

Plans for that large framed print include swapping out for a diy copy cat art (like this maybe) or a poster print... still looking for the perfect timeless abstract piece.

I sewed all the pillow covers.  I love to sew.  Most of the time.

Back towards the front door.  Although there's not much for furniture here now, it works for us.  Dreams include a console under the large framed piece, a skirted round table in the corner with a unique lamp of some kind, shades and/or curtains, and swapping one of the couches out for these two chairs, recovered of course.

Kitchen... Nothing fancy, but we like it and the layout seems to work really well. 
I love that the sink faces the living room.  And someday we'll get bar stools.

Eat in Kitchen...Window mistreatments by me.
The light is obviously centered with the room rather than the windows.  Funny, I've never noticed that before.

Mudroom...finished for now.

Master bedroom... in progress.

Next up... finding different lamps.

Office... definitely in progress.
Someday, I'll get tall lamps to replace the dinky ones and find the courage to hang something(s) on the wall.

Love me some organization.

Guest bath... also in progress.
Someday... a floor to ceiling shower curtain in a fun graphic print.

A framed map from one of my grandmothers roadtrips in Europe...

Guest room... finished for now.
Ikat fabric now located elsewhere.

As you can probably see, I'm not one for tchotchkes.  I have a really hard time seeing the point of something if it has absolutely no functional or sentimental value (very thankful to my mom for this trait).  And I'm not extremely sentimental.  There's so much value and benefit to living clutter-free... a truely counter cultural lifestyle here in the US.  And I've found that visual organization and orderliness help with the mental and emotional.  Call me crazy, but I'm being serious.  Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Thanks for visiting!  And as Southerners say... "Y'all come see us (for real) sometime!"


  1. your guest room is adorable and i am in love with your front door color! it's beautiful!

  2. I second the love for the front door! Thanks for the tour Katie, so fun to see! Your "idea board" for the master bedroom is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it come together someday! ;) If your like thrive on the progress, so perfection will never be reached!!

  3. Your house is adorable!! I'm with ya on the clutter free. There is a fine line between "decorated" and "cluttered."

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! New follower. :)

  4. Thanks so much for the tour! I too, participated, in part because I loved taking the tour like you said! Your house is so charming, and like some of the other commenters said, I am smitten with the color on your front door and your window mistreatments! Very nice!

  5. What a beautiful home! You are a DIY queen, and I love your style! Thanks so much for commenting on our house tour. I definitely see we share similar tastes - I love the uncluttered look too. :)
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  6. Thanks for the tour! The lot where your house sits is so pretty. We live in a newer development so there are few trees, I loved all the trees I could see just beyond your house.

  7. Hi, I was wondering what the name of the floral fabric is that you used for your living room pillows? I would love if you could email me back, they would go perfect in my living room.


  8. Ahhhh! I'm totally in love with your front door. I love your use of COLOR it is so perfectly done! The red and white is stunning!

    Loved the tour! Thanks for linking up!

    Poppies at Play


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