Thursday, May 19, 2011

From the Favorites File: DIY Art

Click the link below the picture for how-to instructions!

Stained Wood Art- Me Oh My!

Button Art- Little Green Notebook

Painted Circles- Two Girls Being Crafty

String Letter Art- Frau Fertig

From the Favorites File

Framed Fabric Panels
Do I see upholstery tacks?!
source unknown

More Fabric Panels
 Don't these kinda look like pashmina scarfs?  Stapled around a piece of mdf, this would be a totally easy and inexpensive way to add interest to any room!
source unknown- maybe PB?

Number Canvas
Two questions- 1. What's the significance of the 8 and the 0? 
2. How annoying would it be to have to move them when you wanted to access the shelves behind? 
Conclusion: terribly cute but not so practical.  I think you could get the same look by using smaller canvases, painting monograms instead of numbers, and hanging them on the frame of the shelving.
source unknown

More Painted Circles
How easy would this be?  Craft stores usually run great sales on blank canvases!  And using leftover paint, you'd have some seriously affordable art!
Cottage Living

Aged Photo Print
I often see designers say that public rooms should not have personal pictures.  That's debatable, of course, but I think this print adds just the right amount of personalization.
Country Living

Photo Print
I love how this photo is not baby-ish.  She'll never grow out of it.
source unknown

Blown Up Print
What is this? A Kansas dust storm? I think you could get the same effect by cropping and blowing up a picture of clouds then printing in black and white or sepia.  Using an extra large frame from Ikea would make this very affordable!
Todd Romano

Same idea as the clouds, but with water. If you're landlocked and love the ocean this may be just what you need!
source unknown

Again... cheap canvases from the craft store + leftover wall paint.
source unknown

Flower Silhouette
I think this may be the painting that Karen referred to in her comment on Knock Off Art.  She is so right that you could do an entirely different flower silhouette in a different color!  Great idea!
source unknown

Framed Maps
When my grandmother passed away, I snagged a box of her travel books.  In it was an old Rand McNally map book of Europe with roads highlighted from her travels in the 80's.  It's very special, like a little piece of her.  Anyway, someday I hope to frame them up like this.
Ashley Goforth

Framed Calendar Pictures, Wall or Wrapping Paper Remnants
Who doesn't love this picture?  Classic Domino.

Framed Botanics
If you don't want to buy the prints, go dig around in the woods for cool leaves.  Just beware of poison ivy and predators... human and otherwise.  Take a can of mace or something.
Michael Penney

Framed Collections
You would probably need a shadow box or deep frame.  I'm pretty sure you can find them at your local craft stores as well.  Wait for the sale, you know it'll come!  ;)
Phoebe Howard

Next up- DIY Wall Decor Ideas (still art, I guess but usually not framed)


  1. Great round up of ideas-and thanks for the mention. I'm going to add this to my Facebook page, so many good ideas.

  2. So glad to have found you and your fabulous blog! I love this post. I'm going to be here reading for hours.

  3. I love the framed fabric panels! Would make a fun DIY project.


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