Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winner + New Giveaway!

The winner of last week's giveaway is...

Lisa of Wool and Flax!  Congratulations and please send me an email with your shipping address!

This week, I have another 14" square accent pillow cover up for grabs.  The front is pale blue velvet, the back oatmeal linen.  It has a removable black and white stripe knit flower pin and zipper closure.  It's been prewashed and completely serged so you can throw it in the wash machine (inside out, cold, gentle cycle).  Line or lay flat to dry.  Insert not included in giveaway.

Enter to win by commenting on this post with the size of pillows you use to accent your home (i.e. 18", 20", 22", lumbar, neckroll, boudoir, etc).  Comments will close next Monday, May 23rd. The winner will be announced along with the next giveaway item on Tuesday the 24th!Good luck!

ps.  Next week, I promise to have something other than blue.  :)



  1. oooohhh can you have too much blue? Not to me! I think all my pillows are 18 in. I need some variety I guess :)

  2. I like really BIG pillows... not sure the measurements.
    This weeks pillow is creative! I love the contrast of the different textures.

  3. OOOO I love this one! I want it:) I use all kinds of pillows - especially white ones! I have some really big ones for my couch that i made using an old linen that I stenciled numbers on. I have one small one I've made and I'll have to say I like BIG pillows. 20" at least and up. I also like the lumbar pillows as accents in a bedroom. I'm easy to please, I jsut like them all!

  4. !!! I will email right away! Thanks so much, that is so fun. :)
    I agree with Kelley, can one have to much blue?!
    We use king-sized and standard, then the long roll kind. (and a baby belly pillow)
    Basically we roll around in pillows like puppies.
    I like shaped pillows for home accent stuff. (flowers, animals, graphics...)

  5. I don't expect to be put in the next drawing, I was just commenting for fun.
    Thanks again Katie!