Monday, July 25, 2011


Scrap Fabric Flags

I made a triangle template from newspaper and cut the flags from scrap fabric.  I cut two triangular pieces for every flag and serged right sides together.  The burlap is just one thickness and is zigzagged rather than serged. They are strung with (white) binding tape that was dip dyed in tea syrup to take away the stark whiteness.  Cream probably would have looked better, but white was what I had so... you know they say that the art of craftiness is using what you have on hand.  Or something.  Anyway, there are a million tutorials all over blogland if you need one.  Just google...which brings me to the question of-

Is this a pennant flag, a pendant flag or a pendent flag?  I've seen them referred to in all three ways, but the grammar fanatic in me won't let it rest.

pendant (n) (or pendent): a hanging ornament

pendent (adj) (or pendant): suspended, overhanging

pennant (n): a tapering flag used especially for signaling; a flag symbolic of championship

To Donnelle- I hope the pendant flag goes with the rest of your baby decor.  If not, feel free to regift or yardsale or whatever!  :) Next up- quilt!


  1. I vote for pennant flag. Love the laurel wreath made from spoons. It is so delicate and elagant!

  2. Cute crafts!
    And I'm not even going to touch the grammar question...I have no idea!

  3. The latest Pinterest word for pennant flags is bunting. Bunting definition... Flags and other colorful festive decorations. We sell wool PENNANTS at the bookstore and it is a classic triangle flag. I agree with you, though. This is a very important matter that I cannot rest until I figure out the right word. :)

  4. Perfect use for all of those little fabric scraps that you feel guilty about tossing out.

  5. That spoon wreath is so *genius*!!! I love that idea...and just think of all the fun colors you could make it! Brilliant! And I'm always a big fan of buntings...they are so cute and can add color anywhere!

  6. so cute. and i have no idea what the correct word is :) I love the spoon wreath too :)


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