Friday, July 22, 2011

Great Outdoors

How cute is this potting bench?  I bet Ana White has plans for a potting bench that you could make yourself!  Just mount an old window behind the shelves!

Then make a trip to your local Goodwill or consignment shop and buy some wooden spoons.  Dip them in paint (I would use chalkboard paint!) and have fun marking your veggies and herbs!

June 2011 

Kami's boys mowing the lawn.

Playing the "no, don't get me!" game.
I loved that she set her picnic table in the yard under the tree! 
It's so much fun to eat outside... when the temp is bearable, that is.

Dear little Clay!
Check out her cute garden!  Love the bright green lettuce!

Kami-  It's long overdue, but thanks so much for the fun weekend at your house!  It was great to catch up with you and Kara and get to know your little guy better.  Hope to see you a few more times this summer/fall!  ;)

To all- Have a wonderful weekend!  Find a way to beat the heat!


  1. i love that potting bench and what a cute way to use wooden spoons, just have to repaint them! thanks for sharing these photos, very adorable!

  2. That bench is so cute - and I bet you are right about ana white having a tutorial :)

  3. Those plant markers are such a cute idea!


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