Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New on Etsy!

Can you believe that September is just around the corner?  Early this year before the end of winter, I decided to stop counting the days until the next season.  Time goes by fast enough without fast-forwarding it in my mind.  So although I absolutely LOVE fall and I look foward to crisp weather and crunchy, colorful leaves, I've been forcing myself not to think past this last bit of summer!  It's almost over folks... so wear sandals every day, take a trip to the lake, lay out in the sun, and relish the taste of those freshly picked tomatoes!  Don't think about boots and sweaters quite yet, ok?!


  1. oh stars. love the yellow and grey.would look adorable in baby's nursery. i already bought pillows thoough. will have to see if i can make room :) all are really cute

  2. oh, and thanks for the book reccomendation. it seems i sit alot these days, so i'm always on the lookout for books that make me look forward to feedings!


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