Monday, August 08, 2011

Room By Room- Entry

Welcome!  Today I'm participating in the Room By Room Party hosted by Rene of Cottage And Vine!  It's been so much fun getting to know her a bit through our blogs!  She is somewhat local (Greensboro) so maybe one day we'll have the privilege of meeting in person! 

Anyway, without further adieu, here is our most used, back door entry...

looking in...

looking back towards the door...

view opposite the window... see my cute nephews!?

SW paint, seagrass rug, antique bench from a dear friend, galvanized letters from Anthropologie, cork and mirror frames hung with 3M hooks

This room hasn't changed at all since last April when we put up the row of pegs, added crown moulding and organized and painted the closet.  You can see more pictures here.  Eventually, I'd like to repaint the walls, paint the inside of the door to match the deep sea blue of the outside, change out the builder basic flush mount light and add a fabric roman shade.  You probably think the red paint job looks fine, but something is seriously wrong with the finish.  I don't do well with paint finishes that don't allow for damp rag cleaning.

I dream of doing that faux paneling look below the pegs with a built in bench seat, but David (bless his heart) just can't stand the thought of it not being trimmed correctly.  I appreciate his wanting to do it right, but I also know this means it will never happen.  Oh well.  There are probably more important things on which to spend time and $.  He keeps me grounded.

Now it's time to hear your ideas for our front door entry...

looking in... (look close and you'll see a current project:)

looking straight ahead/ looking to the left

orientation shot... this view just barely cuts out the front door on the left side

looking back towards the front door

Do you kinda see my problem?  I like the placement of the bookcases, but can't figure out what to do on the wall with the two paintings.  The obvious answer would be a table or short dresser, but next to two bookcases, that seems like too much furniture just lining the walls.  The only other thought I have is to add a chair beneath the paintings and a floor lamp behind it as a little reading nook.

I dearly love the traditional entry...a dresser flanked by two chairs with a mirror or fabulous piece of art above, but (correct me if I'm wrong) that just won't be happening in this house unless I get rid of the bookcases.

Your thoughts?  Seriously, let's hear 'em.


  1. That little primitive bench works perfectly in your entry.

    I have a suggestion to create an entry. Swing the sofa with the red cushion to under the windows, get a thigh height bookcase that is open on both sides, or a rectangular sofa table, and place that by the arm next to the sofa. You can add some decorative items and a pretty bowl for keys and mail. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like you will have the room to do this. I think it will open up your space and also provide a feeling like you have entered your home, without being right in the living room.

    Now your bookcases and painting can stay where they are.

    Hope that helps and that I've made sense.

    Thanks for stopping by. I would have liked to reply but you are a noreply blogger.


  2. I have two ideas for the wall with the two paintings. First, to avoid the "floating look" of those paintings, you can try installing wall shelves underneath. Wall shelves don't look heavy and at the same time, it grounds the artwork. You can then add a small vase or small accessories to tie in the shelves and the art.

    My second idea is to place a console table underneath the paintings. Pick one with skinny legs so the area don't look too crowded. Then, you can add one or two table lamp(s) to tie in the artwork. You can still place one chair if you have the space. It's really hard to judge just how spacious the space is by just looking at the pictures. Anyway, I hope my suggestions help. :)

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  3. What about a long mirror??

    Your entries look great!

  4. What about separating the two bookcases a bit and placing a chair or bench in between them or another option would be to move the bookcases down toward the paintings and place a chair or bench at the end closest to the door. You could put a tray on the seat of the bench and use it for keys, mail, etc.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today!
    Love yours!

  5. Ok, I want to comment, but have to think first, and it's awfully late to think...hee.
    I'll be back though, I promise.

  6. First of all, I am thrilled that you joined the party Katy! And yes, we are practically neighbors and must get together sometime. Second of all, your back entry is absolutely charming, but I have loved your house/style for a while now. About the living room - it is hard to tell from the photo - I have studied and studied your living room. What is on the other side of the opening to the kitchen? Would like to see more pictures :)

  7. great color. It really says wow. :)

  8. I'm back. First, I have to say that I love your parallel couches. That's my favorite living room arrangement. Especially with the round mirror and the fact that there's nice flow from the kitchen.

    I think regarding the bookshelves and paintings, I like them the way they are. I agree that adding more furniture would make it feel crowded.

  9. Your house is fantastic, girl! And of course you have fabulous pillows on your sofa (c; I love the idea of the traditional entry...but I also love the bookcases! Why does life have to have decisions like this??? (c:

  10. Great entryway - love the color! For your bookcase situation I would recommend separating the bookcases. And have a nice upholstered chair (perhaps skirted) to bring in more fabric (not sure if you will be putting up curtains), between the shelves. You could have a reading floor lamp by its side. This would break up the view towards sofa w/red pillow & the bookshelf wall and create more balance - it seems heavier this side (but granted, I do not know what the opposite end looks like). I love the openness of the space.

  11. Thanks for visiting today. I'm not sure if it would fit or not, but could you put a bench with some pillows underneath the art work? Your house is great!


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