Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who Loves Fall?

We hiked the Flat Top peak at Peaks of Otter last Saturday.  It was the most perfect day!  I'm not much of a photographer but... 

In other news, I was finally able to find some time to make some wreaths for our doors! The goal was something like this...

But staying true to the definition of craftiness (using what you have), I ended up with this...

And it looks fine until you pan out...

Any ideas on what to do with two too small wreaths?  Assuming they get replaced with one of these two...

Now I'm off to hunt for some recipes for Friday night.  We're having David's family over for supper and some pumpkin carving.  I'm thinking... apple cider, roast, green beans from this month's Southern Living, butternut squash soup, bread, salad, fried apples and pumpkin roll! 

So do you have a good butternut squash soup recipe?  To be honest, I've never had or made it, but it always looks pretty so it must taste good too, right?  Also, any tips on successfully fixing roast for dinner company?

Hope you're having a good week!


  1. i LOVE butternut squash soup!! i have a recipe i have tasted AND made. it's easy. i'll look for it tonight after work . . . karen

  2. Can we come friday night? YUM! I'm drooling on my keyboard! As for the butternut squash soup, I agree looks so pretty...wasn't a big fan of the taste, but probably should give it another try just in case i'm missing out on something!

  3. Wow! So impressed with your DIY wreath. You seriously made it yourself? I'm still looking for what's wrong with the panned out picture! LOVE your house numbers and the color of your front door. And your welcome mat. And the color of your house.

  4. Katie, I don't think the wreath looks too small for the door at all. It's very pretty. As is the whole front entry! However, if you plan to move it, I love the way two small wreaths look when hung in side-by-side windows.

    Your dinner plans sound so good. Wish I had a pumpkin soup recipe to give you, but I will say that I LOVE the stuff. Especially if you drizzle a little cream in it and top it with something crunchy like pepitas!

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  6. Hi Katie,I haven't checked in on you for awhile and I know you have made your butternut squash soup by now but we just made one out of a recent Cooks Illustrated magazine and it was good. Different flavors but nice for a change. Happy Fall!

  7. HI Katie.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on My Many Moments today! I'm so glad you did because I love your blog! I love your etsy shop. The pillow with the birds is my favorite. Your home is adorable. I'm a believer too! Take Care,

  8. Your wreath is very pretty. Making a moss wreath is on my long list of things. If you are not happy with the size, they look nice on a table with a pillar candle in the middle. Congrats on the Nate Show! Love those pink pillow covers!


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