Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall for Modesty

I wrote this post a month ago, but I guess it's still good... even though fall is almost over.

In the last year, I've unsubscribed from all but four or five clothing magazines.  It's craziness how you can sign up for one magazine and pretty soon you're getting fifteen in your mailbox every month!  So the ones I get now are a mixture of reasonably affordable (I still shop the sales!) and inspirational.  When one comes in the mail I look at it immediately (like candy and new shoes, why save 'em?).  I tear out any pages that I like and toss the rest of it in the recycle bin.  Not only does tossing them right away cut back on clutter, it also cuts back on the problem of wanting what you don't have.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The pages I tear out go in a binder according to season.  I don't spend a lot of time referencing the binder, but it is nice to flip through and get inspiration for the upcoming season.  It's much quicker than trying to find ideas online I think, because there's nothing in that binder I don't like.

Here are a couple that I pulled from the first fall season magazines...
jcrew- this outfit is my favorite, simple and timeless!

Lands End- that skirt looks easy to make!

Lands End Canvas- again, so simple and classy!

Down East Basics- w/ a denim jacket and brown boots!

Do you have a go-to magazine for clothing inspiration?

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  1. I love Lands End Canvas. I ordered a bunch of stuff from there recently and it is so well-made and feels good too. I need clothing inspiration, though because I could use some help in that department! Do more posts like this, Katie, because I love your style.


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