Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Recipes- Tried and Truely {not that} Great

Recently I've tried several more recipes from pinterest and I gotta be honest, they just weren't that great.  No doubt it could have something to do with my cooking skills and a little lot to do with David's pickiness, but I probably won't be trying these recipes again.

The lack of success with this one is due to the fact that it just isn't a good fit for David and I.  Broccoli was already going to be a stretch for him, and he doesn't like tomatoes, so I didn't push it.  Also, I used regular mozzarella simply because that's what I had on hand.  Thirdly, I froze it so I'm wondering if the freezing and thawing didn't dry it out a little bit.  I would love to try this again (with tomatoes and smoked mozz), but probably not until David's taste buds are a little more accommodating.

I was so excited about this recipe.  It seemed like a good one to make ahead for David's lunches, but alas, he thought it was sissy food.  I made it exactly as the recipe dictated so there are no excuses and even added Cilantro Lime Rice as a side.  A week later, David was asking what we were having for supper and he said "you're not making those chicken things again, are you?"  Upon pressing him for more info, he said he thought they didn't have much taste.  This was news to me; I kinda liked them.  I guess that makes me a sissy. What a surprise! 


  1. Ah, yes. The trials of cooking for different tastes! Thankfully, my husband will try anything, but I'm always so dissapointed when I like something and he doesn't.

  2. Ha! I've tried a lot of recipies I've found on Pinterest. Most have been "hits", but there have been a few "misses" as well. d


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