Thursday, June 28, 2012

Throw Pillow Look Alike

Summery, beachy blue and white? 

"Yes, please!" 

So everyone's heading off to the beach.  But not us.  Boohoo.  I'd like to say that I'm happy for them, but that wouldn't be entirely true.  Daggone jealousy just creeps up on ya like that.  Really though, I'm crossing my fingers that we can go later this year to celebrate our 5th anniversary.  So it's all good. 

For anyone looking to bring a little bit of beach into their home, these pillows will do just that!  They are drapery weight (lightweight) and machine washable, perfect for summertime.

Happy vacationing y'all!

ps.  You should check out the amazing before and after photos of this house!


  1. Beautiful fabric, it would look great with pink or coral.

  2. Those pillows are great! Blue has not typically been my fav but I'm loving those!


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