Wednesday, July 04, 2012


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Don't get me wrong, I'm so very thankful for the freedom we have in this country to worship as we choose, travel as we want, and live our lives as we wish.  As I say that, it strikes me that I probably have NO idea what I'm saying.  Cause honestly, how can we fully appreciate these blessings unless we've experienced the opposite?  Even so, I'm going to be as thankful as I possibly can.

But those freedoms truely do pale in comparison to the freedom I have found in Christ.  For several reasons... first because I have actually experienced the opposite (sin and self) and secondly because I have faith that if my physical freedoms were taken away, God would still provide everything that I need.  It sounds really cliché and "easy for you to say", but I believe it to be true.  I know it to be true based on the very person of God; and based on His promises and who He has shown Himself to be.

So today I am thankful for freedom from...

depending on myself to be good enough
religious performance
the perception of God as a scolding, disapproving Father
living in a box
a critical and judgemental attitude
selfcenteredness and low self-esteem

And while I still struggle with many of these things, the difference is that I am not captive to them.  They do not bind me.  I am not a slave to them, thanks to my Friend and Savior- this God-Man called Jesus.

What spiritual freedom are you thankful for today?

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  1. ...becoming free from trying to live up to other's expectations into freedom of God walking with us through our stuff, meeting us where we are, no expectations - only the power to gain more freedom in Him. What a journey ...but a blessed one!


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