Friday, August 31, 2012

Thoughts + Life Questions

David and I have had a lot of interesting conversations lately...

1.  Pondering the thought that the perfect will of God is not usually found in the majority opinion... in fact, most often the Spirit is most at work in the minority.  Many stories from the OT testify to this and much of the teaching in the NT, including the life of Jesus.

2.  What if life could be lived with no expectations?  Would we be happier?  I say "No expectations + laziness = ultimate unhappiness!  But no expectations + sensitivity to the Holy Spirit = perfect recipe to be used by God in amazing ways= ultimate happiness!"

3.  Do non-spiritual life goals cause us to focus more on fulfilling those goals and less on the leading of the Holy Spirit?  For example, if my goal is to live a successful, comfortable life and retire in relaxation then don't I automatically (if subconsciously) turn away everything that doesn't bring me closer to that goal?  And if my life goals are based on material things (even if they are "good" material things), then isn't that where my true focus will be?

4.  Is living in luxury an antithesis to true Christ-following?  Now the fun part... define "luxury".  :)

It's so easy to form a justifiable, very biblical principle for each of these things and subconsciously apply them to all people for all time.  But if we want a living, growing, sincere relationship with the Lord, we have to trust the Holy Spirit to teach us what we need to learn in this moment and leave tomorrow to Him.  My true prayer is that I will always be sensitive to Him, always be learning, and always be willing to rethink the ways in which my relationship with Him is manifested.  This is my prayer for you as well!

ps.  We are heading to the New River for some camping and canoeing this weekend... and I hope to live to tell about it.  Happy holiday weekend to you!  Be safe!

pps.  We have been enjoying this song lately.


  1. Thank you for posting this. Great quedtions to ask ourselves and seek the Lord for an answer.

  2. love that song & artist!! i've listened to it multiple times already!! where did you find him?! : )

    ps - great questions as well. ; ) - karen

    1. David (seriously, the king of finding good music) heard it on a movie, I think. I liked it from the moment I heard it too. It's such a mix of styles... I love it.

  3. Great post and very thought provoking. This is such a great question and one I wrestle with:
    Is living in luxury an antithesis to true Christ-following? Now the fun part... define "luxury".


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