Monday, October 22, 2012

It Took 10 Years

but he did finally take me back to the trail we walked on our second (or third?) date!  And I should add that it was totally his suggestion too.  Yesterday was the most beautiful fall day.  We skipped church (heathens, I know), took a drive to Smith Mountain Lake State Park and walked a few of the trails.

10 years ago, our mutual friends (at whose wedding we met) orchestrated another meeting and we had a couple dates.  One was a trip with them to this park.  Cue the "aaaawwwww...".  Yeah... I'm so not a sappy person, but I am aware of God's grace enough to recognize a special moment for what it is.
It is His grace, isn't it?  That gives us special moments we totally don't deserve.  So that when hard times come (and they will) we can recognize His grace there too.
Blessings on your day!


  1. How sweet! Yesterday was the perfect day for a walk in the woods. And just between us, we skipped church too. Shhh!

  2. oh, but aren't you the "church" and didn't you have fellowship??! even if it was just you, him, & Father :)

    1. lol, Sarah! :) I'm thinking so many thoughts right now, but none of them seem appropriate. Let's just agree that this truely is a wonderful journey... both with and without Sunday morning "church"! :)


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